Experience South Africa’s leading specialist recruitment consultancy operating within the business process outsourcing (BPO) and foreign language support sector.

BLACK PEN RECRUITMENT is South Africa’s #1 recruitment consulting firm specialised in BPO services, foreign language recruitment and staffing solutions and immigration services. With our outstanding experience in the BPO industry and our own in-house immigration division, we will find the right candidates for foreign language specialist positions as well as immigration solutions for foreign employees.


Black Pen Recruitment understands its candidates. Our team understands how important it is for you to be placed in an environment in which you are happiest, can thrive and truly live your passion.

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With our highly competitive packages we can proudly say that we can be a valued asset to your company. We see our clients as true partners, whose association is mutually beneficial.

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Naturally, the benefit of having both immigration and recruitment under one hub is a tremendous help for many companies and candidates we work with successfully, easing much strain and confusion from the start of the immigration process.

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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

As companies worldwide respond to increasing cost and efficiency pressures, South Africa is becoming a favoured international location for business process outsourcing and offshoring.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) and offshoring is a major global trend and the industry, with an expected annual growth rate of about 50% for the next five years.

BPO involves relocating business processes that a company usually performs in-house to a specialist third-party service provider. Outsourcing becomes offshoring when the third-party service provider is located overseas.

The South African government has identified BPO as a key sector to boost the country’s economy and create employment. A government-backed BPO support programme, launched in 2007, includes a budgeted R1.1-billion in investment incentives and extensive government support programmes, including an investment grants for start-ups and business expansions, training subsidies and discounted telecommunications prices.

South Africa has been awarded the title “Outsourcing Destination of the Year” twice in a row – acknowledging the many advantages that make South Africa the ideal location for BPO enterprises:

  • The lack of a significant time difference allows real-time service delivery
  • High fluency in English, coupled with neutral and pleasant-sounding accents
  • High proficiency rate in other European languages, such as German, French, Portuguese or Dutch
  • Highly favourable exchange rate
  • Operating cost savings of up to 70%
  • Strong government support
  • Critical skills visa allows facilities easy immigration of foreign staff

Black Pen provides highly specialised recruitment services for a comprehensive range of fields for both back office and front office outsourcing, including: HR, finance, accounting, insurance, data capturing and IT services as well as front office outsourcing like customer and contact centre services.

We ensure that we cover all aspects of successful BPO service operations. Whether it be for a migration of an overseas call centre to South Africa or to expand the outbound arm of your business filling job openings with unique skill sets and language proficiency, we are there to consult and help, every step of the way.


The significance of customer experience cannot be underestimated in today’s dynamic, real-time business environment. Customer experience is what determines how people feel about your business. Therefore it is vital to have a professional team on hand in order to create positive, memorable service experiences for your customers.

With our special expertise in both the BPO and the foreign language sector, Black Pen is able to help your business excel in an ever-growing global market. Black Pen offers specialist recruitment services for all fields relating to successful customer service, including:

Customer Service Representatives

Foreign Language Specialists

Industry Specialist Expertise

Outbound and Inbound Call Centres

Team Leaders

Call Centre Management

Contact Centre Migration and Set-Up

Customer service and contact centre positions also make for great job opportunities for career seekers, particularly for those with foreign language skills. For foreign professionals wishing to relocate to South Africa, our customer service and contact centre positions can make for a great first step to starting a new life, as our in-house legal division is happy to take care of your immigration needs.