Immigration Service

Do you wish you had one recruitment contact from application to arrival? 

At Black Pen Recruitment, we see our clients as true partners. Black Pen Immigration & Recruitment is famous for personal, individual and honest services. We focus on every aspect of immigration, so that you can focus on building your life in South Africa. That’s why we have our own in-house immigration division, offering you a quality, stress-free service from application to arrival. 

Our team of German and South African Lawyers, specializing in South African Immigration, combined with our globally experienced commercial consultants, have the valuable skill set required to navigate our clients through the complex field of immigration. 

As South African Immigration laws and regulations become more complex, we ensure that our advice covers more than just an outline of options; we deliver constantly updated solutions that are in line with current South African Visa or permit requirements. 

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Critical Skills, Intra-Company Transfer

General Work, Corporate Work Visa

Business and Entrepreneur Visa

Spousal and Life Partner Visa

Accompanying Minors

Extension of Visitors

Study, Volunteer Visa

Retired Persons

Financial Independence Visa

Permanent Residence